Keep on moving

Time shift. rrrrrrtt
Black screen. *
This is not yo?r way, why are you following me around? No, I don’t need help. Wh dont you. Why dont you just keep on movin?. Kine’ic. Give me time a?d I will run. Give me mo?e and I will die. Two fires burn inside of me: Run! Slowly fin?ing my way, faster losing it again. Dead ends. No way! Who showed me this path? Damn that it was me. Noone t? b lame. I just wish this was a game.

gIVE me time to keep me running. Give me light to find the way (and if this is means the end). I’d rather die than find no way. Keep me running. Two times faster than a day. Keep me running. How I hate to wait for tomo??ow. keep me walking. never stop. never hold. as long as water water floats time(s) will pass by (could someone check the spelling pls). as long as we float we ll be allive. and if it stops we ll be lost again. keep on moving. if we stop we ll face the end(lessness). all life must have an end (is this one of it’s characteristics? ask your local greengrocer biologist!). cos, i tell you, there is one thing that i know: Those longing for eternal live are already dead.

No more data. eol.