never look back.

please don t turn around. i know its hard to look straight forward. we re lost souls. we r lunatics. but – dont look backwards, back to the glorious past. the time when all the dreams seemed to ahve become true. never look back. why couldnt it stay…? why did it have to fall apart? dreams that became true, now became past…. the past … the past …we left it behind. its all over. over. over. no dont look back. don t remember. better try to forget. we’RE too weak to remember. we could not bear the memories. forget! they r creepers following us winding your feet. run! keep on moving. keep on running. never look back. never look back. another thousand miles we have to r.u.n. dont give up. dont sit down on the way.

i know… we had all we wanted. we lost it again. our dreams were beautiful – just far too weak to stay. but strong enough to take awy all our energy. we w.a.s.t.e.d all we had for an illusion. its a pitty that we survived the end. its better to die happy. we have nothing more to gain. our dreams came true, but crumbled again. what shall we want? we had it all. life wont offer us a second chance. now we have no aims anymore. all we can is wait for an end. t

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